Canova Panettone

Edmonton-based Canova Pasticceria Kris Owczarek and Carla Roppo-Owczarek have developed an artisan Canova Panettone, known as an Italian Sweet Bread. Using traditional Italian methods, this sweet bread takes 36 hours to make creating approximately 5,000 Panettone this season This sweet bread is similar to a fruit cake and while called a bread in Italy, Panettone is eaten…

Italian Chestnuts

Chestnuts are found throughout Italy, and have been a staple of our cuisine for thousands of years. Mentioned in writings from Homer and Pliny, they were cultivated throughout the region by the Middle Ages, especially in the mountainous areas where they are one of the few crops that can grow on steep slopes, as well…

Ready, Set, Bake!

For most Italians, the holidays mean spending time with the whole family, building a presepio (nativity scene) and cookies… lots of cookies. We carry an assortment of baking ingredients perfect for your next adventure in the kitchen including unbleached walnuts, figs and Italian chestnuts.
It’s a good time to stock up!