The Italian Store Holiday Hours

Please note The Italian Store hours during the holiday season:

Sunday, December 24: closed
Monday, December 25: closed
Tuesday, December 26: closed
Wednesday, December 27: open
Thursday, December 28: open
Friday, December 29: open
Saturday, December 30: closing early
Sunday, December 31: closed
Monday, January 1: closed
Tuesday, January 2: open

piave stravecchio cheese demo

Piave Cheese is named after the river Piave in Italy’s Veneto province. The land surrounding the ancient river is where the milk is collected, the cheese made and where it is carefully aged as it develops its intense, full-bodied flavour. Reminiscent of Parmigiano Reggiano, but uniquely its own, Piave Vecchio has a sweetness and fruity…


A slice of panettone and a flute of champagne (or prosecco)…is the Italian way to wish a happy holiday season. It’s a ritual in many homes where panettone is a welcomed guest after every meal. Giving panettone is not a simple act of kindness but a gesture rich in history and tradition. Panettone is a…

pecorino crotonese cheese

The word “Crotonese” means “from Crotone”, a small coastal city in southern Italy. Pecora is the Italian word for sheep. The cheese is sweet and salty with pecorino flavour. It is made from pasteurised sheep’s milk in woven molds. Usually from January to June this cheese is produced as during sheep milk is best and…