Parrano Cheese

Parrano Cheese

Parrano Cheese is a Dutch Parmesan & Gouda Cheese combination resulting in a mild tasting parmesan. Originally made by Holland artisans using an old Italian recipe, it has the texture of Gouda with notes of Parmesan and a mild nutty flavor. This perfect fusion of Parmesan and Gouda is excellent for the table, grating and…

Tiberino one-pot gourmet meals

New in the store are Tiberino one-pot gourmet meals. Tiberino’s one-pot meals come in several varieties including those made with rice, pasta, grains, beans and some even include their own sauce. They are 100% natural and easy to make. Simply add water, oil or butter and follow the recommended cooking time. Each package of Tiberino…

The Italian Store Holiday Hours

Please note The Italian Store hours during the holiday season:

Sunday, December 24: closed
Monday, December 25: closed
Tuesday, December 26: closed
Wednesday, December 27: open
Thursday, December 28: open
Friday, December 29: open
Saturday, December 30: closing early
Sunday, December 31: closed
Monday, January 1: closed
Tuesday, January 2: open